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Binghamton may not have the sunny-skies reputation of Southern cities, but we have nevertheless established ourselves as one of the best-kept, most resilient towns along New York’s Southern Tier. And if you are one of the hundreds of local residents who love to feel the spirit of our nearby rivers from your own backyard, the chances are that you have heard of Binghamton Valley Decks & Patios, or even have admired one of our masterfully built decks in person!

We are the city’s best-reputed deck builders and deck contractors for several reasons. However, they can all be summed up in one concept: quality. We build wooden and composite decks meant to last throughout your children’s upbringing and beyond. Masterful designs, quality materials, and a few drops of business savvy provide local Binghamton, NY homeowners with the opportunity to install beautiful and safe pool decks, as well as to maintain, repair and improve existing ones.

The team from Deck Builder Binghamton has been scouted, nurtured, and trained to ensure we all have the experience with a variety of materials, the tenacity to ensure each detail is perfect, and the creativity to ensure that your deck will be unique. This philosophy has made us the top deck builders in the region – and now, it can be used to ensure your summer afternoons are the envy of your block.


Specializing In:

  • Composite Decks
  • Custom Decks
  • Deck Waterproofing
  • Resurfacing & Repairs
  • Wood Decks
  • Deck Restoration

Our Services:

Composite Decks

Sturdier than wood and potentially just as beautiful, composite decks offer a high-tech alternative to cement or wooden structures.

Custom Decks

Bring your dream deck to life, or get one of our designers to create something completely unique.

Deck Waterproofing

Exposure to the elements can make your deck look aged, gray, or molding. Explore the different waterproofing treatments we offer.

Resurfacing & Repairs

Recover the gloss of your first home BBQ party: repair, resurface, and beautify your deck to make it look as good as new – or simply expand it!

Wood Decks

We work with a large selection of local and imported woods, from exotic Amazonian species to sturdy cedars and warm pines. Wood can bring a unique combo of style and homely warmth to your deck.

Deck Restoration

Damaged sections, unstable rails, and cracks can all be repaired without a trace. Whether you want to return your deck to its vintage appeal or remodel it completely will be up to you!

Additional Options

Whether you have a full blueprint or just a vague project idea, we’ll be happy to work with you. Deck building is now its own discipline, and we are proud to be the top, local experts.

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Patio Covers & Custom Decks Binghamton, NY

  • Composite Decks

Composite materials come in many finishes and qualities. They offer a great, budget-friendly base for your new pool or patio deck: sturdy, resilient, and often even resistant to bacteria.

Explore the amount of fun that a composite deck can bring to your own backyard here.

  • Custom Decks

We love the opportunity to treat each project like a masterpiece. We are a one-stop-shop for custom projects. We can take your dream deck from sketch to finish. Specialized materials, structural designs, and upkeep can all be included in the package.

  • Deck Waterproofing

The outdoor sections of your home are at peculiar risk when it comes to the elements – and even more so if they’re right next to your pool!

Chronic dampness and storms can all damage a deck, but there are many high-tech solutions to prevent this. Learn more about waterproofing your deck.

  • Resurfacing and Repairs

A well-built deck is meant to last for years to come. However, maintenance and repairs may still be needed from time to time. Deck resurfacing can make your rails look as good as new, improve the overall integrity, and even increase its functionality.

  • Wood Decks

A majestic deck or gazebo in your backyard can do wonders for your property value. At the same time, it can become the scenario for fond memories and countless hours of fun. Nothing evokes that rustic home vibe like wood.

When building a deck with Binghamton Decks, we can help you choose among a wide range of exotic and local woods.

  • Deck Restoration

Whether you are simply flipping an old house or want to rescue that majestic balcony, the key to your success lays in a good restoration job. We can help you figure out the most graceful way to repair your deck and recover its potential.

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Our Service Areas:

  • Binghamton
  • Johnson City
  • Park Terrace
  • Fivemile Point
  • Port Dickinson
  • Endwell
  • West Corners
  • Endicott
  • Vestal
  • West Colesville
  • Kirkwood
  • Corbettsville
  • Hawleyton
  • South Vestal
  • East Maine
  • Foster
  • Campville
  • Ouaquaga
  • Belden
  • Chenango Forks
  • Newark Valley

Deck Construction

We tackle each new deck we build as more than just a home upgrade project; we know we are creating a fun space where cherished memories will be built. Functionality, design, and safety standards are all meant to serve you and make you happy, not just to add extra items to our bill. Our mission is to ensure that families all around Binghamton, Park Terrace, Willow Point, Port Crane, and all neighboring communities along the Chenango River can relish and frolic amidst spa-worthy luxury every weekend.

Such a task calls for insured, certified experts, and the best materials the market has to offer – and that is exactly what we have in stock. We offer premium Brazilian woods, pressure-treated foundations, and high-tech composite options. All can be adapted and combined to the pool, deck, and balcony of your dreams.

What makes a great deck builder? Building a space that is meant for fun and relaxation requires a combination of skills – from basic structural knowledge to an eye for beauty and coziness. The Deck Builder Binghamton team has acquired these skills slowly and throughout years of experience. Our reputation has simply followed our success!

Chances are, you and your family would love a great deck – most families do. But do you know where to start? Our customized deck construction services will help you bring that spark of yearning into a real, solid structure.

This is why our deck construction services begin with a consultation. Before we bring you a sketch, we want to understand:

  • Your vision. What type of deck do you want? How do you see yourself using it?
  • How big do you want it to be, and how big can it really be?
  • What materials are best for your style?
  • How large (or minimalist) is your budget?
  • Are there any extras (enclosures, staircases, sun decks) you want to have? Any that we MUST include?

Our deck designer’s main task is to transform your ideas into a blueprint. If you already have a picture in your head, we’ll sit and dig through it. If you don’t, we will be happy to let you explore your options!

Deck Design and Plans

Despite their uber-presence, IKEA stores have not yet started to sell DIY deck kits, and there’s a good reason for that! A deck is a heavy structure that lays outside your home and its foundations, so there is a lot of technical expertise involved in ensuring it won’t fly away. That’s why the best decks in Binghamton, Park Terrace, Willow Point, Chenango Bridge and Port Crane are made by the experts at Deck Builder Binghamton.

We have nurtured our deck design methods for years in order to offer our clients highly-customizable, beautiful, and functional decks, balconies, and outdoor spaces. We can guide you through every step in the process – from helping you figure out your wants to turn them into a unique, comfortable corner. Everything from choosing finishes, negotiating materials, or coordinating the complicated logistics of permits and hauling can be left to those who know how to do it – us! Meanwhile, you can relax, have a chat with our deck designer, and imagine yourself enjoying your future quiet sunsets.

We may handle the dirty work, but that doesn’t mean we like dirty places. That is why our crews are always being drilled on the best ways to preserve your property. We will work around your schedule to ensure nobody is handling dangerous tasks while your kids are around and that nothing is left behind to push dust into your home’s interior.

The Deck Designing Process

As specialists in the construction of premium custom decks, we love to treat each new deck design like the architectural and artistic process that it is. It all starts with a one-on-one consultation. After checking out your area and learning about your needs, we can:

  • Help you decide what your family will enjoy
  • Find the best placement and view for enclosures, staircases, and sunbathing areas
  • Give you the safety roundup and ensure you have rails and clear exists wherever you need them
  • Choose the materials that will best combine with the surrounding elements and landscaping

Deck Additions

Growing families, changing needs, and altogether new budgets can all mean that it’s time to change, adapt, or improve your deck. Maybe it’s time to switch the old BBQ space for a cozy enclosure, or you want to include a new arbor or flowerbeds. At Deck Builder Binghamton, we have the experience and creativity necessary to install deck additions all around Binghamton and the nearby suburbs along the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers, from the Pennsylvania border to Johnson City, Park Terrace, Five Mile Point, Endwell, Port Crane, and Tioga County.

Deck additions are not just a matter of adding a couple of square feet of wood here and there; for those of us who are enamored with quality and obsessed with detail, it means taking on a stimulating challenge. We can design, build, or repair something that matches the rest of your home, is architecturally stable, and complement’s the home’s atmosphere.

Binghamton Custom Home Additions

We are firm believers that every home-owner in Binghamton, New York deserves to enjoy a home that meets their tastes and expectations. If rebuilt decor is not up to your standards, we can build the custom solution you need. Whether you need to add new enclosures, safety rails, or new space for a unique pool or Jacuzzi, chances are you are not keen to tear everything down and start from scratch.

And why should you have to? Where many other deck contractors fear custom jobs, we thrive on them. We have the expertise to make your vision a reality. Just give us a call and get a consultation with one of our designers.

Wood Decks

Wood is elegant, practical, and evokes the charm of the good old American countryside like no other material. Add that to the thick forests surrounding New York State, and you have an insurmountable set of reasons why wooden decks are among the most popular ones around Binghamton. As the top deck builders in town, we know this – and we have the expertise that comes from years of woodworking and of studying the different types, finishes, and polishes that are currently trending around town.

If you are looking to bring the warm, secluded, and soothing qualities of the woods to your own home, then it’s time to explore the advantages of wood deck constructions. Soft and safe when carefully polished, wood is also resistant, and stays comfortable to the touch during summer and winter alike.

There’s a reason why interior decor trends come and go, and yet wood decks always seem to make a comeback – if they ever truly leave.

Wood Deck Contractors

The best and most versatile decks in Binghamton, Park Terrace, Willow Point, Port Crane, and all neighboring communities are provided by Deck Builders Binghamton.

After many years in the business, we now have built deep alliances with a variety of local suppliers. This allows us to offer you anything from local pines to premium Brazilian rainforest wood at very competitive prices. As experts in carving and wood maintenance as well, we will remain on call to ensure your beautiful home investment remains properly taken care of.

Composite Decks

“Composite materials” is now regarded as an umbrella term that encompasses high-tech, resilient, and cost-effective blends – and as such, they have revolutionized the market of deck building, repairing and design. Deck Builder Binghamton, widely regarded as the top construction company for decks and outdoor additions around Binghamton and the Chenango River Basin, are specialists in that we take the best advantages of composite building techniques and use them to create durable, safe, and fun custom decks.

Composite Deck Building

The different available blends of wood and plastic that make up composite materials offer superb versatility and increased safety standards. They also permit us to experiment with finishes, colors, and textures that will ensure your home’s new deck, enclosure, arbor, and all its components are truly the envy of the neighborhood.

Whether you want to replicate the old school charm of real wood or want to try something completely new and outside the box, just make sure to mention it to our deck designer. Call for a consultation, and we will be happy to show you the endless possibilities opened by composite materials in the world of deck construction and design.

Let us help you build the perfect background for your house parties and family gatherings! Each time we take on a new job, our team fully commits to much more than just a remodel; we want to build homes and memories for Binghamton’s families!

Deck Restoration

Building a deck is usually regarded as a major home improvement, which naturally means that it usually also carries a major budget. So, such an investment should be protected and loved. This means maintaining it regularly and ensuring that any restorations are high-quality and blend back in with the rest of the structure.

What’s the best way to ensure your deck restoration is done right? Trust the experts! Deck Builder Binghamton has been quietly maintaining and renewing the best decks around Binghamton, Willow Point, Park Terrace, Chenango Bridge, and all major suburbs in the Opportunity Valley.

The results of our work are usually noticeable – you just may not have known what you have witnessed! A new deck, after all is always easy to spot. If your neighbors recently got one, chances are they celebrated with a nice party and basked in everyone’s praise. If that deck is not maintained properly, the luster rarely keeps until the next potluck dinner.

A poorly maintained deck often looks lifeless, the landscaping around it tends to look shoddy, and the wood often goes dull or chips away. It’s very easy to see! Meanwhile, rushed restoration jobs usually leave behind odd elements, different wood colors, and the overall feeling of something not being “quite right.” Add in the risks of an unsteady structure or rough wood, and you may need to simply stop enjoying your investment.

Deck Repairs and Refinishing

Fortunately, this grim scenario can be easily avoided. Whether you simply have noticed that the time is right for some beautification, or a pesky nearby branch left your deck in need of urgent repairs, we can help! Our top-notch deck repairs and refinishing treatments will not just get rid of the wear and tear, but will also ensure everything is evened out and prepared for a whole new season of fun.

Because of our commitment to detail and good materials, we can offer discreet and lasting repairs. Rather than replacing an entire section, we can minimize disruption, find the right colors, and clean up quickly. Contact us or check out what our previous customers have to say; nothing says “good rep” like an open book.

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