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Deck Waterproofing Extends The Life Of Decks And Add To Aesthetics


Water can cause a lot of damage to structures, and more so, if, like decks, they are constantly exposed to the weather. Exterior decks can last longer if they are protected by a commercial waterproofing system for decks that are installed by competent professionals. Decks add value and utility to your home and deck waterproofing will only allow you to get the full benefit of its existence.

Exterior decks can be protected from water damage if waterproofing systems are installed at all stages of their construction. This has to start with the foundation and these systems will ensure that there will be no seepage that can affect the structure of the deck from the ground through any capillary action. This protection can be in the form of membranes and waterproof coatings that will cover all the concrete, steel or wood that is part of the foundation. These coatings or membranes must be able to withstand constant exposure to dampness, rain, or snow that a deck may be subjected to during its use.

Most decks have structures and floors made of wood, and this wood must be fully seasoned and be naturally resistant to water. After this deck is installed it must be given a coating that is water-resistant. This coating protects the wood and prevents it from absorbing moisture. Constant exposure to sun and wind can result in a wooden deck from drying out and becoming vulnerable to moisture. These coatings can prevent this from happening. They can also enhance the aesthetics of the deck while preserving its integrity.

Many decks are built with redwood, and waterproofing can help the wood to retain its natural color. The wood is best sealed before it is used for construction. A deck should be adequately sealed with waterproofing sealant before it is put into use, and it may be necessary to redo this sealing coat every year or two, depending on the weather in your geographical area. You can also give your deck additional protection from rain and sun if you have it covered by a roof.

Exterior decks also have to go through a fair amount of foot traffic, which can result in the deterioration of the coatings that you use for waterproofing. There are several types of these coatings, and your choice of the one to choose has to depend on the environment the deck will be constantly in. Urethane coatings are excellent for waterproofing but are not tolerant of foot traffic and other damage. They are best applied in three layers, with the final layer being given a broadcast of fine sand to help the surface to give better grip and traction.

Exterior coatings for deck waterproofing require constant maintenance and this can vary depending on its usage, but with most manufacturers recommending re coating every two or three years. The exposure to sun and rain can also have an effect on the need for renewal. Inspect your deck closely at regular intervals and carry out any re coating or maintenance as soon as you see any signs of deterioration.

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